Franchise Resales

Buy an Existing Franchise Business

Franchise resales are often not publicly advertised, but we have access to hundreds of resale listings across the United States. Franchises are sold for any number of reasons, but here are the most common:

#1 – Retirement. Not everyone wants to work forever. Retirements are often the best resale situations. The business is often profitable (but possibly in a slight decline from the owner slowly withdrawing from day-to-day activities) and the owner is motivated.

#2 – Failing. Franchises do their best to match their system with the right owners, but they don’t always succeed. These can be fairly risky, as you have to determine if the current owner is at fault for the failing business or if it is the business/demographic/competition combo. These are recommended for business turn-around experts.

#3 – Asset liquidation. These are great resales. Many franchise locations are treated like an investment rather than a business, and like any investment the investor may want to diversify differently, or free up capital for something else.

#4 – All the other reasons. Life circumstances change, common reasons are personal health or health of a family members, other commitments taking up too much time, or a change or a simple loss of interest.

If you are interested in checking to see if there are any resales available in your area let us know!