Integrity Commercial has to primary parts, Integrity Franchise Consulting and the International Franchise Marketplace.

Integrity Franchise Consulting works with clients to find franchise solutions that meet their goals. This can take a number of forms including:

  • Hunting for franchisors from their enormous database that fit a client’s goals, character, and financial constraints. Once franchisors have been identified Integrity Franchise Consulting will walk them through the franchise discovery process. Clients may include those looking for a career change or to take control of their lives, those looking to add side jobs or additional sources of income, investors, E-2/L-1/EB-5 visa applicants, and those unemployed that may want to look at franchise options alongside traditional employment.
  • Advising potential franchisors on the steps required to franchise their business and making value added referrals to developers as appropriate.
  • Providing value added referrals to existing franchisors looking to add or improve services or find the right organization to take over franchise sales.


The International Franchise Marketplace (IFM) is an international franchise marketing service that provides something that has never been seen before in the franchise industry – targeted and cost effective international marketing. IFM partners with US Embassies and Amercan Chamber of Commerce organizations around the globe to host conferences and maintain awareness of franchise opportunities. Representation at one of our conferences can be as low as $250, that could be 98% less than other marketing venues such as expos.

IFM is currently focused on building relationships in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, but we are always on the lookout for new partners and new opportunities!